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Name: Kuri
Join date: 1/12/2014
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Otani Makoto (Ma-chan, Mako)
Age: 21
Height: 5'2"
Birthday:  October 25th

Hobbies include: Sewing, squishing cute things, teasing people, digging up dirt on others

On the outside Makoto seems cool and collected. She's often very sweet an caring to others. But, in reality, people who know her, she can be rather sadistic. The meaner Makoto is to you, the more she likes you, and vice versa. She avoids face to face confrontations, would rather resort to blackmailing than physical fights.

Makoto is also very aggressive when it comes to declaring her love for someone. She is quite obsessive, not clingy, just obsessed.

Makoto is the youngest of 4 children. She's had to fight tooth and claw to get what she wants. As a child, she has always wanted to be a policewoman. But as she grew, this slowly turned to her getting into investigation. She's unsure whether she wants to run a Private Investigation place or sign up as a detective for the goverment.

Attributes: Makoto is super observant. She has an extreme eye to detail, in objects and people. She also tends to be on the LOUD side.

Misc: Paired with Junpei. She comes on quite strong. Often bumping heads with her senpai. Disagreeing about everything, including who wears the pants in the relationship (which she think she's does).